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K2 view points

K2, the highest peak of CKNP, is perhaps the most admired and loved mountain. It is a real mountain’s symbol. A pyramid pointing to the sky capable of activating the dreams of mountaineer, and, with his magnetism, to attract the imagination of people all over the world.
From different view point inside the Park and just outside the boundaries it is possible to admire its shape and summit.


From Hopper village, the Rash lake trek starts (number 22) and continues along the Barpu glacier. Leaving the glacier on the left-hand side it is possible to reach the Rash lake in a few days. From there you can walk up and reach the K2 view point.
Stages: Hopper – Barpu glacier – Rush lake – Hisper valley Nagar Khas – Hooro – Rush lake –Rush lake top K2 view- Barpu glacier – Hopper village OR vice versa
Duration: 10 days Camp site and w.m. fee 20 $

From Skardu, following the Indus river and then the Shiok river, few kilometres before Khaplu, on the north side you can discover the small Kharkoo village. From there a short trek (number 31), bringing you through a small valley to Machulo La, starts. Here, at an altitude of 4600 m, watching in north-east direction, K2 is perfectly visible. From Machulo La, it is possible to go down and get to Machulo village in the Hushey Valley.
Stages: Machulo La Kharkoo – Machulo la K2 view– Machulo OR vice versa
Duration: 10 days Camp site and w.m. fee 10 $

Mr. Iqbal is a local guide and, since a few years, gives the name at this short trek near Skardu. It is the shortest possible trek in the area to see K2 and the other central Karakoram mountains such as Broad peak, Gasherbrum peaks, Mashabrum. The trek starts from Kanday village continuing for two days to the top and one day to descend to Kanday village.
Stages: Kanday – Iqbal top K2 view (and back)
Duration: 10 days Camp-site and w.m. fee 10 $

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From Hushey it is very easy to reach Humbroq K2 view point. Leaving the village on the right-hand side of Hushey valley, climbing up is quick and without difficulties. It is the nearest K2 view point specified in this section.
Stages: Hushey – Humbroq K2 view (and back)
Duration: 10 days Campsite and w.m. fee 10 $


Barah Valley Trek
The Barah valley is located near Khaplu, on the south of Shyok river. The valley is famous for its apricots. The Barah Broq Trek is very easy. The trek brings you to Moses peak base camp. To see K2 you must reach the summit of Moses peak. From here the view is unique, it is possible to admire some of the most famous peaks in the world: K2, Nanga Parbat trek, Spantik, Latok, Broad peak, Mashabrum, Ghashabrum I-II-III-IV, Chogholingsa, K7, K6, K12 and many other snow covered peaks.

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Sadpara Burgeh La Trek

Sadpara village is located at 7 kilometers from Skardu city. While walking to this village you can visit the world famous Buddha Rock in Manthal village and discover Sadpara lake and the Anchan Stone walls. There is a road from Sadpara village to Sadpara top in Deosai plateau. By jeep it takes about one and half hour drive and on foot about 6 hours, where you can camp in the green flowery camp sites in Deosai. The following day, taking a traverse, you will start climbing toward Burgeh La (pass) and after a steep walk of 5-6 hours, you will reach and have breath admiring the Karakoram highest peaks such as K2, Nanga Parbat, Spantik, Broad Peak, Latok, Mashabrum, Gashabrum I-II-III-IV and may other snow covered peaks.
You will camp on the pass in an historical camp sites. Mr. Geofrey Thomas Vigne, traveller and geographer was the first European crossing this pass in 1843 AD, while going to Skardu. From this you will descend through a narrow gorge and will arrive in Skardu in about 5 hours.

K2 view points

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