Central Karakoram National Park Highest peaks

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  • K2 8611 m
  • BROAD PEAK 8051 m


The Park encompasses the greatest concentration of high mountains on earth. It is consisting of four peaks over 8,000 m including K-2, 8611 a.s.l., Gasherbrum-II, 8035 , Gasherberum-I, 8068 m, Broad Peak, 8051 m and sixty peaks higher than 7,000 a.l.m.

The majority of the highest peaks are in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan. Baltistan has more than 100 mountain peaks exceeding 6,100 metres (20,000 ft) height from sea level.

K2 8611 m

The K2 is the highest peak of Karakoram and the second on the Earth. It can be considered the most important and famous attraction, the real symbol of the Park and it is visible from different point of the Park (see K2 view points). The Balti name is Chogori that means Big Mountain. This mountain, located on border of the Park (and also of Pakistan) on the northeast side, is a steep Pyramid and has been climbed for the first time by the Italian Team the July 31th 1954. Probably the most difficult mountain in the world, has been climbed for the second time in the 1977 by the Pakistani mountaineer Ashraf Aman (with a Japanese Expedition). Visitors can reach the K2 Base camp at 5050 m hiking over the Baltoro glacier (see K2 trek).


The Broad Peak with its 8051 m is the third highest mountain of the Park. Is it located on the Gasherbrum massif on the east border of the Park, just on the south of K2 (it has been also named K3). Its name is due to its typical round shape and large summit. It has been climbed for the first time by an Austrian Team the June 9th 1957. Its slope with and the summit are very clearly visible from Concordia Circle. Its base camp is located between Concordia Circle and K2 Base camp (see K2 trek).

GASHERBRUM MASSIF (I 8080 m – II 8035 m)

The Gasherbrum (in Balti beautiful mountain) massif gives names to six Peak, two of which over 8000 m high. The Gasherbrum massif, particularly the steep rocky cusp of Gasherbrum IV, is very clearly visible hiking up the Baltoro glacier and with its slope It ideally close the Baltoro valley in Concordia Circle. The peaks creates two line and a semicircle est oriented at the eastern border of the Park. (see K2 Trek)
Gasherbrum I is the second highest mountain of the Park, the third of Pakistan. As the name suggest it is highest and the southern peak of the massif. Also known as Hidden Peak, it is not visible from Baltoro because is behind the first Gasherbrum ridge. It has been climbed by an American expedition on July 5, 1958.
Gasherbrum II is the lowest and fourth 8000 of the Park. It is located between Broad Peak and Gasherbrum One and is the over 8000 Pakistani Peak more climbed. On July 7 1956, an Austrian team reach the summit for the first time. From Concordia Circle, the advanced base camp is the farthest 8000ers base camp of the Park.


Many other beautiful and famous peaks are visible hiking up the Baltoro Glacier. Very steep peaks and towers shown their rocky vertical faces from Baltoro glacier. These groups of mountains are aspired very popular summit for the most ambitious world climbers.
Masherbrum, 7821 m, is also known as K1 and is located on the south side of Baltoro glacier, few kilometers on west and south from the 8000 peaks. The south face is also reachable and visible from Hushe valley. Its vertical northest face remain still unclimbed.


Rakaposhi means shining wall. This beautiful and very famous mountain is located on the north west part of the Park, close to the west border. The land here is more green in confront of the east part of the park, and glacier well visible from the highway. On 1958, members of a British-Pakistani expedition reach the summit for the first time. On the north side, close to Karimabad, Rakaposhi rises 5,800 metres from the base to the summit. It is possible to admire Rakaposhi from the Karakorum Highway to Karimabad in the Hunza valley. From there glaciers and mountain base camps are quickly reachable.


K2 8611 m
GI 8080 m
Broad Peak 8051 m
GII 8035 m
GIV 7952 m
Distaghil Sar 7885 m
Masherbrum 7821 m
Rakaposhi 7788 m
Chogolisa 7665 m
Trivor 7577 m
Baintha brak 7285 m
K6 7282 m
Diran peak 7266 m

Latok I – Biafo side 7151 m
Latok II 7145 m
Spantik peak 7027 m
Laila peak 6096 m
K7 6934 m
Angel peak 6858 m
Haramosh peak 7397 m
Paju Peak 6610 m
Uli Biaho Peak 6417 m
Trango towers 6363 m
Marble Peak 6256 m
Pastore Peak 6379 m
Main Cathedral Towers 6024 m

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