Treks & Valleys

Treks & Valleys

  • 9 Rocks peaks from Paju 1280x960

    Discovery Treks

    HIKING INTO THE WILDThese treks represent a network of trekking routes connecting some of the main peaks of CKNP, grouped…

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  • 29 K2 Base camp 7th stage 1280x435

    K2 view points

    K2, the highest peak of CKNP, is perhaps the most admired and loved mountain. It is a real mountain’s symbol. A pyramid…

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  • 8 Paju camp 3rd stage 1280x1707

    Classic Treks

    AT THE FEET OF BIG MOUNTAINS This list of treks includes the most famous and representative routes for the mountain…

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  • 23 Porters after Concordia 1280x960

    Adventure Treks

    WALKING ALONE INTO THE NATURE These treks are characterized by a net of trekking routes and peaks with a lower…

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  • 22 Broad Peak from Concordia 6th stage 1280x960

    Cultural Treks

    50 UPPER BRALDU VALLEY TOURAskoli – Kurfay – Mongrong – Thal Brok – Tistey AND return to AskoliAskoli – Surongo…

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  • K2 Trek Itinerary stages Arriving in Skardu 1280x960

    K2 Trek Itinerary stages

    K2 BASE CAMP TREK One of the main trekking of the Park, probably the most famous, is the K2 trek.From…

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