Participation in IUCN World Parks Congress at Sydney, Australia

The Directorate of Central Karakuram National Park in collaboration with Ev-K2-CNR Association and SEED project jointly established a modular stand /desk about the Central Karakuram National Park at the IUCN World Park Congress held at Sydney Australia from 12-19 November 2014. During the event discussions/ bilateral meetings were held with experts and visitors about the peaks, glaciers, flora, fauna, tourism potentials, management interventions of Central Karakuram National Park and information material was disseminated among visitors.

Mr. Abid Ali, Project Director CKNP; Mr. Raffaele Del Cima, Project Director SEED; Mr. Riaz Ul Hassan, Resident Representative Ev-K2-CNR Pakistan; Mr. Franco Mari, Scientific Advisor SEED Project; and Mr. Ashiq Ahmad Khan, Scientific Representative Ev-K2-CNR participated in the event.