SurveillanceThe CKNP staff is preset throughout the Park areas under supervision of its headquarters at Skardu.
Park surveillance is done through:

  • Watch & ward activities by the field staff
  • Monthly wildlife assessments as per prescribed standard wildlife research and monitoring protocols
  • Seasonal wildlife surveys as per prescribed standard wildlife research and monitoring protocols
  • Monitoring of violence by staff through patrolling
  • Research activities coordination and monitoring by Ecologists
  • Monitoring activities by the Range Forest Officers, Social Organizer & Game Inspectors
  • Monitoring of field activities of partner organizations
  • Park staff is in regular contact with Members of Community based organizations and volunteers involved in conservation activities
  • Recording and observing tourist flow and activities; park has its visitor information and registration centers with staff deputed
  • SEED project has its own mechanism for monitoring of activities in and around park
  • Monitoring the management of campsites inside the park
  • Supervision of waste management process and imposition of sanctions in case procedures in force are not respected
  • Ensure that the 80% of the incomes generated by the selling of a hunting licence fee for the harvesting of a trophy male goes to the local communities, and 30% of this fund have to be used for nature conservation programs in the area
  • Supervision on the mining activities in the Buffer Zone
  • Ensure that the rules requiring vaccination programs for livestock and pack animals are respected