CKNP Book Launching Ceremony

Author: Yasir Abbas-Skardu Pakistan
CKNP book launching ceremony held on 17-9-2015 at Serena hotel Gilgit organized by EvK2CNR. Haji Fida Muhammad Nasahad Speaker GB Legislative Assembly was the Chief Guest. VC KIU Dr. Asif Khan, President EvK2CNR Mr. Agostino Da Polenza, Secretary Forest wildlife and Environment GB Mr .Sajjad Haider, Secretary Tourism GB Syed Hadi Hussain were the guests of honour. National and international delegates participated in the ceremony. Book is written by Mr Michele Locatelli and Mr Ermes Invernizzi. Title of Book is “CKNP” under the theme C for culture K for K2, N for Nature and P for people. This book is a complete guide for tourists which covers information on Park, its land, natural environment, cultural heritage, maps and itineraries to K2. Congratulations to the author Mr. Michele Locatelli and EvK2CNR team for their tireless efforts in promoting Central Karakoram National Park.

Trophy Hunting and CKNP Camp site flat fee distribution ceremony


Visit of Secretary Forest, Wildlife and Environment Gilgit-Baltistan Sajjad Haider, Conservator Parks and Wildlife Haji Ghulam Muhammad, Conservator Forests Baltistan Muhammad Ismail zafar and other Official of Forest Department to CKNP Headquarters Skardu on August 15, 2015. Honorable Secretary was the chief guest of the Trophy Hunting and CKNP Camp site flat fee distribution ceremony held on the occasion to provide cheque against community share to Village Conservation Committee (VCC) Hushey District Ghanche. Both the cheques were handed over by the chief guests to Mr. Muhammad Anwar, President VCC Hushey.


Participation in IUCN World Parks Congress at Sydney, Australia


The Directorate of Central Karakuram National Park in collaboration with Ev-K2-CNR Association and SEED project jointly established a modular stand /desk about the Central Karakuram National Park at the IUCN World Park Congress held at Sydney Australia from 12-19 November 2014. During the event discussions/ bilateral meetings were held with experts and visitors about the peaks, glaciers, flora, fauna, tourism potentials, management interventions of Central Karakuram National Park and information material was disseminated among visitors.

Mr. Abid Ali, Project Director CKNP; Mr. Raffaele Del Cima, Project Director SEED; Mr. Riaz Ul Hassan, Resident Representative Ev-K2-CNR Pakistan; Mr. Franco Mari, Scientific Advisor SEED Project; and Mr. Ashiq Ahmad Khan, Scientific Representative Ev-K2-CNR participated in the event.

CKNP Directorate received First K2 Pakistani Expedition members at Baltoro and congratulated for their successful Summit of K2 -The Symbol of CKNP


Directorate of Central Karakuram National Park (CKNP) staff visited Baltoro area from July 27 to August 03, 2014. Raja Abid Ali, Project Director, Mr. Yasir Abbas Rizvi, Ecologist, Mr. Mubashar Karim Social Organizer, Mr. Mohammad Ismail Game Watcher, Mr. Zaman Ali, Game Watcher CKNP were the team. Prime objectives were to receive the first K2-Pakistani expedition and Italian members and to monitor the campsites and waste along the tracks to K2, as management of campsites and waste (previously looked after by partner organization EvK2CNR and MGPO) has been transferred to Park Directorate this year. Since on the occasion 60 years later of the first ascent of K2 by the Italian team led by the Duke of Abruzzi, EvK2CNR organized an expedition for K2 consisting of 8 Pakistani climbers and 2 Italian climbers meant to celebrate the 60th anniversary, to present the CKNP as such a protected area where mighty K2 is located and to fortify the high altitude porters of Gilgit-Baltistan.
On 27 July the team set out for Askoli and started trek towards Korophong directly without night stay at Visitor Regsitartion Center Askoli maidan and reached Urdukas on 30 July after 4 days frequent trekking. On August 1, team walked towards Biano (Goro-I) where they received the conquerors of K2 and met with Mr. Agostino Da Polenza President EvK2CNR who was with the Pakistani expedition team. All the expedition members were warmly welcomed by the CKNP team led by the Project Director and was congratulated on the successful summit of the K2, first time by an official Pakistani Expedition. Then the teams together trekked back to the Urdukas campsite where expedition members were welcomed by the camp staff and other tourists. On the same and the next day CKNP team discussed the status of Urdukas campsite with MR. Augostino Da Polenza, President EvK2CNR. The discussion was mostly on the infrastructure at the campsites such as; water supply deficiencies, terraces for camping, staff office and especially the toilets for tourists and porters. Paju camp site status was discussed when EvK2CNR and CKNP teams reached Paju camp, suggestions given by the CKNP team were the same as for the Urdukas campsite. As Paju is a large campsite it was stressed that the waste management should be effectively managed by dedicated camp staff. It was also suggested that a separate area and track should be demarcated for mules so that tourists would not face any disturbance in the camping areas. The president EvK2CNR was also concerned about the track and stressed upon proper trail up keeping activities. Upon reaching Jula Campsite CKNP team organized a small reception event for the expedition where the Project Director, Ecologist and Social Organizer presented traditional caps to all the members including Mr. Augostino Da Polenza. During stay at Jula camp extensive discussion was carried out with the President EvK2CNR for the management of Jula Campsite, where construction of separate sheds and tracks for mules were focused. The toilets at the Jula campsite are not in up-to-date condition which was a concern for both parties and it was suggested that Desi toilets can be more suitable for Jula campsite. Porter sheds were also suggested for all the camp sites by the CKNP team. At the end all the participants vowed for bi-lateral cooperation and coordination in managing the campsites especially the waste management and its transportation. The teams then started their journey down towards Askoli where on the way a large number of CKNP and EvK2CNR staff along with the Braldu community members received and warmly welcomed the expedition and congratulated on the successful summit of the K2 by Pakistani team. Finally the teams proceeded down to Skardu together where a reception was arranged for the Pakistani K2 expedition.

CKNP visitor Information & Registration Centre Inaugurated


Representatives of EvK2CNR committee and Directorate of Central Karakoram National Park (CKNP) inaugurated the new building constructed at Hushey valley on 19 September 2014. In this context an inauguration ceremony was organized at the same new building at Hushey village. During the ceremony, ribbon was cut jointly by Mr. Maurizio Gallo, Chief Technical Advisor EvK2CNR Italy and Raja Abid Ali, Director CKNP. Mr. Riaz ul Hassan Resident Representative EvK2CNR, Mr. Arif Hussain Technical Representative EvK2CNR, Mr. Rashid Minhas Admin & Finance Officer CKNP, Mr. Sakhawat Ali In-charge CKNP Visitor Registration Center Hushey, other local field staff of CKNP, contractor, site engineer as well as representatives of Village Conservation Committee (VCC) and Hushey community were participating in the event. After inauguration Ceremony, building was officially handed over to the Directorate of Central Karakoram National Park by EvK2CNR. The said building has been constructed by EvK2CNR and land was purchased by CKNP Directorate under SEED project. Objective of establishing the visitor Information and Registration Centers at Hushey, Askoli, Hisper and other potential locations of CKNP is to facilitate visitors, provide information and properly registering them as per CKNP standard registration protocol. CKNP Entry and campsite flat fee will also be received at the same registration centers. Furthermore EvK2CNR under SEED has also constructed the Eco-sustainable Headquarters at Sadpara Road Skardu, 1st phase of the headquarter building was completed last year in September and inaugurated by the honorable Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah and Mr. Agostino Da Polenza, President EvK2CNR. Construction work of the 2nd phase is in progress, hopefully will be completed and handed over to CKNP soon. Directorate of Central Karakoram National Park takes the opportunity to extend its gratitude to EvK2CNR and SEED project for this support in constructing, establishing the CKNP Visitor Information and Registration Centers, headquarters as well as overall support in park management and development.

First Pakistani K2 Expedition 2014 Launching Ceremony

First Pakistani K2 Expedition 2014, launching ceremony and press conference is being held on 13, June 2014 at PTDC K2 Motel Skardu at 03:00PM. EvK2CNR organised this event in collaboration with Govt. Tourism Department Gilgit-Baltistan and BAATO. Honourable Sheikh Nisar Hussain Sarbar Minister for Agriculture and livestock has consented to be the chief guest at this occasion.

K2 60 years later

prova per newsK2 …
Is, probably, the most frightening, loved and admired mountain. A peak dreamed, in the last one hundred years by very different people, a peak able to attract with his magnetism the imagination of mountaineers , scientists, adventurers from all over the world. If at the beginning of the century to reach the base of the mountain was an epic adventure, today , while climb it still remains an effort for the few, reach the base camp admiring it severe silhouetted against the Pakistani sky is a reachable dream.

In 1954 …
… Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli, led by Ardito Desio, reached for  the first in the history, the summit of K2. The success of the expedition was been possible thanks to the determination of the Italian team, but also thanks to the support of the Pakistani people.

In 2004 ..

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of first ascent,  EvK2Cnr Committee, founded by Desio and supported by the Italian Government, led two alpine expedition, one scientific expedition and the helps of other organizations and associations, organized some activities to promote the anniversary. During that summer over 6000 trekkers, climbers and tourists visited the heart of the mountains of Karakourm.

Today …
… 60 years later, the Government of Gilgit Baltistan (the north Pakistani region), the CKNP, the SEED project for the implementation of the Central Karakorum National Park, the EvK2Cnr Committee,Pakistan Tour Operators, and some other organizations celebrate the 60th anniversary of first ascent with a series of initiative. The target is to promote this area.

The alpine Pakistani expedition…
For the first time an official Pakistani team will attempt to the summit. EvK2Cnr Committee, in order to remember the determinant contribution of Pakistani People during the first ascent, will support the team.

The events to celebrate the 60th anniversary …
Among the set of events organized during this summer there are the Silk Route Festival, the Silk Route Film Festival, an exhibition dedicated to Filippo de Filippi, one of the first explorers of Karakorum, and several other initiatives.

The adventure for mountaineer and trekkers from all over the world …
The Pakistan tour operators, in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary, organize a set of new treks and tours to visit Karakorum and reach K2 base camp. Pato guarantee  professional services, experienced guides, qualified staff with appropriate levels of security to international standards.

K2 60 years later, a Pakistani expedition will attempt the summit

K2 PakistaniSKARDU , Pakistan – A team of Pakistani climbers will attempt the summit of K2 next summer, exactly 60 years after the first ascent of the second highest mountain in the word (8611 m). In the past, some strong Pakistani climbers reached the summit of the famous 8000er, often working as high altitude porters for foreign expeditions, but the mountain – considered by the most the hardest one to climb in the world – has never been climbed by a completely Pakistani expedition. Next summer a group of Pakistani climbers will try to reach the summit of K2. The expedition, carried out with an Italian support in the backstage, will attempt the route of the first climb, accomplished in 1954 by the Italian team led by Ardito Desio.

Q-VETTA copia1954 , 2004, and 2014: here are the years of three historic expeditions on K2, tied each other in the sign of mountaineering , exploration and science. The first ascent of the mountain was accomplished in 1954 by the famous Italian expedition led by Ardito Desio: Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli reached the summit on July 31st climbing the Abruzzi Spur. It was a “conquest” not only from a climbing point of view, but also from a scientific one, since many important surveys were carried out by the expedition in the area of Baltoro Glacier.

In 2004, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first ascent, the Italian EvK2Cnr Committee organized a large scientific and mountaineering expedition, with a wide program of surveys and measurements on the 2 highest mountains in the world: Everest and K2. Now, in memory of the 60th anniversary of the first climb and as a sign of friendship that has joined Italy and Pakistan for the last decades, EvK2Cnr will support the Pakistani expedition that will be organized for the summer 2014.

The ” Pakistani K2 expedition 2014-60 years later” was presented in Islamabad at the end of January, during a press conference. The expedition will be organized within the Pakistani celebrations of K2 first ascent, aimed at promoting all over the world the beauty and tourist offers of the Karakorum National Park.

K2 2004 rettangolareThe conference was attended by the Secretary Forests and the Secretary Tourism of Gilgit Baltistan. Both said to be excited for the coming celebrations and expressed the intention to give financial and administrative support, in particular to the expedition. They also praised the work done by the Concordia Rescue Team, the first mountain rescue service in Karakorum created by the EvK2Cnr Committee in 2012 and composed by Pakistani staff specifically trained for high altitude rescue, emphasizing the will to make it become a permanent service in Gilgit Baltistan. The Secretaries signed also two agreements with Evk2Cnr to guarantee 6 years of collaboration for the tourism and socio -economic development of the area.

At the press conference in Islamabad was also announced a special event that will be organized in the framework of the K2 celebrations: next July 31st  a great party will be held in Skardu: all the summiters of K2 since 1954 to date will be invited.

As in 1954 and in 2004, also the 2014 expedition will have a scientific program: a group of researchers from the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics of Trieste will carry out a scientific survey to measure the thickness of Baltoro Glacier.

“I think it’s important to keep the memory of Italian and Pakistani history with such a great event for sport and mountaineering  but also for culture and science – said Agostino Da Polenza, president of EvK2Cnr – . I met the climbers that will attempt K2 last summer on the Baltoro Glacier, after their climb on Broad Peak, and they seemed to me very determined and motivated”.

The climbers of the expedition “K2 60 years later” will be 6, coming from different villages like Hushey , Shigar and Sapara. According to plans , they will reach K2 Base camp early in the season in order to prepare personally the climbing route with fixed ropes, also for the benefit of anyone who will attempt the climb during the summer.

The expedition leader is Muhammad Taqi. The rest of the team is composed by Ali Durani, Hassan Jan, Ghulam Mehdi, Muhammad Hassan and Ghulam Nabi. The youngest of the group is 23 years old and the oldest 38. Their curricula include several expedition to 8000 meters mountains, sometimes as climbers, sometimes as high altitude porters. They are also working for the Concordia Rescue Team.

“Most of them attended the mountaineering and rescue training courses we have organized for the last 5 years in Gilgit Baltistan” said Maurizio Gallo, responsible for EvK2Cnr activities in Pakistan.

The coming Pakistani expedition to K2 will be in line with the activities promoted over the last years by EvK2Cnr in this area: the climbers, descending the mountain, will collect waste along the Abruzzi Spur, and will provide help and assistance , if necessary, as high altitude rescuers.
The collaboration of EvK2Cnr and the Government of Gilgit Baltistan has been working since several years, with projects like Seed and Karakorum Trust for the sustainable development of the area.

Lahore, Jilani Park CKNP Fair

On March 28-29-30, inside the Jilani Park and in the adiacent Lahore Chamber of Commerce offices take place the promotional fair of Karakorum Region. Stands and several events are organized to present the Central Karakorum National Park, its mountains, specially the K2, and Gilgit Baltistan resources.


The fair is organized by the Seed Project in collaboration with PATO, the directorate of CKNP and the Lahore Chamber of Commerce. The fair is dedicated to CKNP Park and its stunning mountains, some stands promote production activities typical of the area: mining of precious stones, wooden handicraft production and agricultural production.

PATO, the association of tour operators in Pakistan, give information related to trekking and tourist offers organized for the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of K2, at the center of the new packages of the association. To the Great Mountain, its history and to the Mountaineering Pakistani Expedition 2014  is dedicated a special stand. In the Jilani Park there are special installation: a climbing wall, rafting and Paragliding corners. Is also possible to taste typical food from Gilgit Baltistan Region.


Trough C.K.N.P Historical, cultural, environmental routes on the way to the mountains

This exhibit is dedicated to Central Karakorum National Park, to its flora and fauna and to its historical and cultural heritage. More than 20 panels with the support of multimedia documentations guide the visitors through the most peculiar routes inside the Park.

Rediscovering the Abode of Snow

Photo highlights from Filippo De Filippi 1913-1914

Scientific Expedition in Central Asia:  Karakoram – Himalaya – Eastern Turkestan
The Photo exhibition is dedicated to the great geographical and scientific expedition led by Filippo De Filippi. More than one hundred years ago he explored the Karakorum and Himalayan regions.  Some photographs  illustrate spectacular glaciers of the Karakoram



A set of film, preview of the KARAKORUM MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL, part of the  Silk Route Film Festival and organized by EvK2CNR in collaboration with the Orobie Film Festival, on May in Gilgit Baltistan. Mountains, wildness, alpinism, but also environment, nature, culture and history: a set of films to promote the mountain experience in all its aspect.