Delegation of Italian Embassy led by Dr. Domenico Bruzzone Director Development Cooperation, Embassy of Italy visits CKNP headquarters

Delegation of Italian Embassy led by Dr. Domenico Bruzzone Director Development Cooperation, Embassy of Italy visits CKNP headquarters today on October 14, 2015. Park Directorate staff warmly welcomed the delegation. Ms. Maria Saccarello, Embassy of Italy Islamabad. Mr. Efrem Ferrari, PIDSA Embassy of Italy Islamabad Mr. Riaz ul Hassan, Resident Representative EvK2CNR Pakistan and Mr. Arif Hussain, Technical Representative EvK2CNR were also included in the delegation. Mr. Abid Ali Director CKNP extended gratitude to Italian Government, Italian Cooperation, Embassy and EvK2CNR for successful implementation of a multi sectoral project like SEED in CKNP through various implementing partners and seek out further collaboration and support to CKNP for sustainability of the interventions and milestones achieved in the framework of said project as well as other projects of EvK2CNR like KT and HKKH. Director CKNP briefed them about salient features of CKNP, Financial contributions of the partners to CKNP projects including SEED, KT, WWF and HKKH, detailed targets and progress of the planned activities under SEED project. He focused the major outcomes of the SEED. Mr. Yasir Abbas Ecologist CKNP briefed them the implementation of CKNP standard wildlife research and monitoring protocol and bout the displayed equipment used by the park staff for wildlife surveys, data collection, recording and reporting process . Demos of CKNP designated fuel efficient stoves, Pictorial glance, waste bins, solar geysers; solar cookers and signage were shown to the delegation. They took keen interest in the multipurpose 4 in 1 fuel efficient stoves. Director Italian Development Cooperation Dr. Domenico Bruzzone assured CKNP Directorate to support in the sectors came under discussion. Traditional caps were presented to the delegates by Directorate of CKNP. Directorate staff thanked the delegation and both the organizations assured bilateral support and cooperation for an ideal CKNP in future.

Mr. Agostino Da Polenza , President EvK2CNR Italy visits CKNP headquarters Skardu

Mr. Agostino Da Polenza, President EvK2CNR Italy visits CKNP headquarters Skardu today on October 06, 2015. Mr. Riazul Hassan Resident Representative EvK2CNR Pakistan was also accompanying him during the visit. CKNP Directorate staff warmly welcomed to the delegates and briefed about the interventions related to Park management by focusing Tourism and Waste management. Future bilateral collaboration by both the organizations were also discussed during the meeting.

CKNP Book Launching Ceremony

Author: Yasir Abbas-Skardu Pakistan
CKNP book launching ceremony held on 17-9-2015 at Serena hotel Gilgit organized by EvK2CNR. Haji Fida Muhammad Nasahad Speaker GB Legislative Assembly was the Chief Guest. VC KIU Dr. Asif Khan, President EvK2CNR Mr. Agostino Da Polenza, Secretary Forest wildlife and Environment GB Mr .Sajjad Haider, Secretary Tourism GB Syed Hadi Hussain were the guests of honour. National and international delegates participated in the ceremony. Book is written by Mr Michele Locatelli and Mr Ermes Invernizzi. Title of Book is “CKNP” under the theme C for culture K for K2, N for Nature and P for people. This book is a complete guide for tourists which covers information on Park, its land, natural environment, cultural heritage, maps and itineraries to K2. Congratulations to the author Mr. Michele Locatelli and EvK2CNR team for their tireless efforts in promoting Central Karakoram National Park.